UniFlow Online Setup

I'm sure you have noticed by now the huge copiers in the way everywhere. Those are our new machines to replace the expired lease. There are quite a few changes that will happen as far as the workflow to printing, I know nobody likes change, but this is for the better. You will have lots more flexibility and features with the new software. Before we can switch to the new machines, I need to have everyone already in UniFlow Online to link their badge numbers up. It is SUPER SIMPLE to do and will take less than a minute.

From the Clever Portal, find the UniFlow Online icon and select it. Login in with your Google credentials if prompted. That's it.

If you have issues logging into Clever, "Evadale ISD Bookmarks -> Clever Portal" please let me know so I can get it fixed.  If you like cheesy tutorial videos and want to learn more on how UniFlow Online is going to work, follow the link below.

EISD Tech Tips - Uniflow Online


Setting Up Google 2SV/MFA

Starting with the 2022-2023 school year, all staff will be required to use 2SV/2FA for their Google Enterprise Account. For more information and a brief tutorial on setup, please use the following link. Google 2SV/2FA Authentication Setup Video


2020 Technology Obsolescence Plan

In order to ensure the proper functioning and replacement of technology equipment, EISD is adopting an obsolence plan to allow for cost predictability and proper replacement cycles. You will find a copy of this plan at the following link. 2020 Technology Obsolescence Plan


One on One Training Appointments

Wow is this year flying by! Wanted to try something new to see if it would be utilized or even if it is something the staff want. I will be setting aside my Fridays for training staff, this will be done on a one on one basis and for things of your choosing. Need help with Google Drive, Forms, or even something as simple as utilizing UniFlow better, book an appointment and I'll be there! Going to start small and set aside 12-3PM. Go HERE to book IT. See what I did there :)


New Ticketing System

Have a new ticketing system in place for the 2019-2020 school year. This will help better track issues and keep up with repeating events to assist in obsolescence and proactive maintenance. In the past an email was the only means of putting in a ticket, and while simple on the end user perspective, it creates a jumbled mess in the receiving inbox. Use the link to the left labeled "Helpdesk Ticket System" to create a service request or trouble ticket, this method allows for better categorization and information collection. If you absolutely insist on sending an email to create a ticket, please use the email address help@evadalek12.on.spiceworks.com to have it automatically create a ticket with your email contents. Please put a brief description in the subject line though. If you have any questions or concerns, as always, feel free to contact me!